Through the Loop is a game design blog written by myself, John Krajewski.

For decades, the relentless pace of advancing technology has pushed video game graphics closer and closer to photorealism.  This blog exists to ask the question, ‘what else can be done with all that computing power?’   What new forms of interaction, of simulation, of experiences are possible, and what kind of gameplay can we suddenly now invent which we couldn’t before?   The articles on this blog will explore that question, examining both existing instances of gameplay and opportunities for gameplay that do not yet exist.

With a background in computer science, I have now moved into working on the border of design and programming, developing simulations to create new types of gameplay.  As studio head of our independent studio Strange Loop Games I worked on our first game Vessel, designing it and programming the physics and gameplay code.  Before Strange Loop, I was lead AI programmer at Pandemic Studios which later became part of EA.

I can be reached at john@strangeloopgames.com, and on twitter at twitter.com/jkrajewski

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to your comments.

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